The Modern Prometheans is a theatre ensemble based out of Portland, Oregon. Our objective is simple: we, like Prometheus, want to bring fire to the people. Every project we produce should have the fire. What is the fire? It might be a new twist on a classic, or a thought-provoking night out, or a performance that demands attention. Fire is not boring. Fire is not the same old thing you saw somewhere else last season. 

Fire is alive. It is exciting. And we want to make sure everyone can partake. 

The Ensemble

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Nicole Rayner

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Kyle Urban

Kyle Urban, a transplant from Colorado,  has enjoyed performing on stage for nearly 20 years. His Favorite roles include Polpoch in Marat/SadeDim in A Clockwork OrangeBazzard in Mystery of Edwin Drood,  Henry Clerval in Frankenstein, and Boris Kolenkhov in You Cant Take It With You.  He has enjoyed appearing in 2 Modern Prometheans' production in the last year and looks forward to many more with this wonderfully talented ensemble of artists.


Thomas Zalutko

Thomas Michael Zalutko is an American actor and writer. He has appeared in several films including Dancing On The Edge (2011), The Phoenix Project (2013) and Runaway Hearts (2015). He made his first television appearance Co-Starring on NBC's Grimm (2013). His theater credits include The Hallelujah Girls (2016), the American rock musical horror comedy Little Shop of Horrors (2016) and Frankenstein. He has appeared in several local, regional, and national commercials including the national cholesterol lowering campaign, "Down With Crestor" (2014). Most recently, he can be found starring in Google's virtual reality game, Access Code (2017).