Victor Frankenstein dreams of conquering death, and builds a creature that defies all natural laws. The creature is larger than life, greater than death, and demands answers from its creator. This classic tale of hubris becomes a thrilling tragedy in this new adaptation.


This production opened at Mister Theatre on June 22nd and ran for eight performances, closing on July 2nd. 


Written and directed by Paul Cosca

Stage Managed by JayceLane Fortin


Victor                                   Paul Cosca


Elizabeth, Young

woman, Peasant                   Nicole Rayner


Henry, Young Man        

Peasant                                Kyle Urban


Alphonse, Waldman,

Old Man, Grave Robber      Kraig Williams


Creature                              Thomas Zalutko


Costume Design                   Breanna Kurth

Light/Sound Design              Paul Cosca

Student Interns                      Haley Herbert, 

                                            Reegan Jenkins

                                            Allison Williams

Producers                              Briana Cosca

                                             Brook Gould

                                             Robert Smith