General Ticket "I Hate Love Songs"

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General Ticket "I Hate Love Songs"


One General ticket for "I Hate Love Songs"

"I Hate Love Songs": songs of obsession, depression, dysfunction, and sex. Just in time for Valentine's day! Whether you are a romantic, a misanthrope, or anything in between, you'll have a blast listening to these talented performers tackle songs from The Wild Party, Rent, The Addams Family, Sweeney Todd, and more!


Featuring: Kristin Barrett, Mila Boyd, Paul Cosca, Megan Lask, Allie Mgrublian, Barbara Richardson, Bevin Victoria, Taffy Urban, and Tom Zalutko.


Accompaniment by Don Chase.



Saturday, February 10th at 8pm

at Hipbone Studio

1847 E Burnside St.

Portland, OR



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